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Published Mar 25, 22
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For that reason, it is still illegal to use in much of the country. If you are considering using marijuana for medical purposes, there are a few things you need to consider, such as: THC and CBD content levels, Published and accessible Certificates of Analysis (Co, A), which certify the test results of the product from the manufacturer, Organic vs.

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While there are treatments available to help you manage your symptoms, you may want to discuss the possibility of medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan. Before taking any medication for symptom management, discuss your options with your physician, and whether medical marijuana is appropriate for your disease case.

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If you live in areas where medical marijuana is legal, you may want to consider the following options:Talk to your primary care physician, Find a certified medical marijuana professional in your state, Register with your state department if required in your state Some studies show that CBD can help with tremors and other Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Speak with your physician if you are considering medical cannabis for tremor relief. Many companies produce CBD oil, and there are no studies available that favor one brand over another. If you are taking CBD oil, it is essential that you follow your physician's prescription. CBD oil is most commonly taken as a sublingual drop (under the tongue).

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The THC in medical marijuana stimulates neurons that signal the release of dopamine neurotransmitters at higher levels than usual.

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Reviewed by Danny Bega, MD, MSCI, Movement Disorder Specialist and Associate Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. One of the most common questions people with Parkinson’s ask is, “What about medical marijuana?” Many are curious if and how it might work for different symptoms, and what the research says.

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Some describe benefit on sleep, tremor or other symptoms. Others report side effects. And many say they are unsure how to discuss with their physician. Here, we offer general information about cannabis and Parkinson’s, tips for talking with your doctor, and more. Marijuana comes from the Cannabis plant, which contains hundreds of different components, including cannabinoids.

Many of these receptors are in areas of the brain impacted by Parkinson’s disease (the basal ganglia). The main cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This can cause the feeling of being “high”—described as happiness, amusement or contentment — that is commonly associated with marijuana. THC may help nausea, pain or muscle spasms, but it also can have negative effects on mood, behavior and thinking.

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Cannabis refers to products from the Cannabis plant, including marijuana. Cannabis comes in several forms and can be taken different ways: smoking or vaping dried leaves, swallowing pills or eating or drinking foods (edibles) that contain cannabinoids, putting liquid or drops under the tongue, or applying creams or ointments to your skin (on painful areas, for example).

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescription cannabis medications also are available for specific conditions, such as epilepsy or cancer- or AIDS-related symptoms. The amount of THC, CBD, other cannabinoids and other (sometimes unknown) substances varies across products. Sometimes, the levels of these contents may not be known. And even if the product does have a label, studies have shown the label may not fully or accurately represent what’s inside.

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Most states have their own regulations, but these vary.) Still, it’s important to read labels, ask questions, and have a general idea of the amount of THC or CBD in the product. For those who choose to try cannabis, use caution — start with a low dose and increase slowly (if at all).

(See below.) There are many anecdotal reports of benefit. But controlled trials — on motor and non-motor symptoms as well as dyskinesia (involuntary, uncontrolled movement) — have not yet proven the safety or benefits of cannabis in Parkinson’s. Clinical trials have generally had mixed or conflicting results (some positive, some negative).

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But many also report side effects. This leaves patients, doctors and researchers with insufficient evidence to guide use. In low doses, cannabinoids appear to be relatively well tolerated. But, like all treatments, they have potential side effects: new or worsened nausea; dizziness; weakness; hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t there); mood, behavior or memory/thinking (cognitive) changes; or imbalance.

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The potential risks on cognition, mood and motivation (to exercise or participate in other activities, for example) are especially important for people with PD. Cannabis also could interact with other medications you are taking. While interactions are largely unknown, adding cannabis to a complex regimen of Parkinson’s and other prescription medications could present a risk.

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